Johannes and Youri

Added:  Oct 28, 2017
Johannes Lars heats things up with Youri Chevalier. Johannes pulls Youri up from the sofa and after they rip each other’s shirts off Johannes drops to his knees. Freeing Youri’s cock from the confines of his underwear; Johannes swallows every single rock-hard inch. Obviously stimulated; Youri moves Johannes to the sofa where he helps pull down Johannes’ jeans. His thick, uncut cock jumps to attention and Youri moves in; working Johannes’ cock like he was cock-starved. Spinning around on the sofa Johannes bends over; sticking his ass in Youri’s face. Youri dives in, plowing his tongue as far up Johannes’ hole as he could push it. After a good ass-priming Youri stands up and slowly pushes his thick piece of meat deep into Johannes’ eager hole. These two studs go between Youri pounding away mercilessly at Johannes’ hole to Johannes passionately grinding hard and deep on Youri’s cock. Johannes continues with his ass stretching; riding Youri’s thick dick before winding up legs spread wide on the floor. He grabs his cock, stroking it with the ass fucking rhythm of Youri’s cock currently stimulating his prostate. Johannes can’t hold it any longer and his cock starts spitting jizz all over the rug, down his tummy and even onto his leg. All that cum sends Youri over the edge. He pulls out and almost immediately covers Johannes’ balls, cock and stomach with a thick coating of his love juice.
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