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Brent and Kyle

Added:  Apr 08, 2017
We find out in the interview that Brent Taylor has never topped, and Kyle Fortune has never bottomed, but for this scene, they are going to switch things up. Brent gets things started by standing up; pulling down his jeans demonstrating that just the conversation of the interview was enough to get his cock standing straight up. I’m guessing he can’t wait to plant his dick in Kyle’s hole. Brent pulls off his shirt, stands up on the sofa and Kyle woofs down Brent’s cock like a hungry dog. Kyle quickly rips off his clothes revealing his slim, tight body decorated with some really interesting tattoos. Brent moves in quickly, swallowing ever bit of Kyle’s cock; gagging on it quite a few times as he keeps trying to get it as far down his throat as possible. Brent spins Kyle around on the sofa, bends him over and shoves his cock straight into Kyle’s ass. Kyle gets a good pounding; but, wanting to switch things up, he has Brent sit down on the sofa and Kyle goes about riding Brent’s cock while Brent is pounding him from below. Kyle both loves the pounding and from the looks of the precum dripping from his cock, he’s getting really close to cumming. Kyle starts squirting cum and it just keeps cumming and cumming; all over his hot, tight stomach and chest. The jizz splattered on Kyles torso was all it took to send Brent over the edge. No sooner had he pulled out of Kyle; he starts squirting hot, thick loads of cum all over Kyle’s cock, stomach and chest. When all is said and done, Kyle is coated in cum.
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