Dave and Alan

Added:  Jan 31, 2017
After a long day of skiing Alan Wood had fallen asleep on the bed as his mate, Dave Kelly finished his shower. Dave walked in to find Alan’s stiff cock head protruding from his underwear and this completely turned on Dave. Dave drops his underwear and begins stroking his already hard dick. He quickly moves from the couch to the bed where he awakens Alan with a kiss before he licks his way down Alan’s ripped torso and hungrily swallows his cock. Dave wants some of Alan’s cock and he lays him back on the bed; taking every inch of his cock and licking his huge ball sack as Alan wiggles with pleasure. After some mutual cock sucking Dave lays back and spread his legs. Alan sucks up Dave’s cock again; he takes his fingers and starts loosening Dave’s tight little hole. Once Dave’s ass is primed Alan plunges his cock deep into Dave’s ass and pounds him as Dave works his cock with his hand. Alan can tell he’s about to get a nut and as he lies back on the bed Dave helps him get off; licking up his share of the jizz. Now, he’s ready to get off and Dave blows quiet the thick and runny load which he and Alan rub into his cock after he cums.
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