Dom Ully

Added:  Sep 12, 2017
Dom Ully returns looking hotter than ever for a hot one on one mirror session. We catch up with Dom lying on the bed relaxing; but, still dressed. Feeling a little randy, Dom strips down and starts massaging himself. His cock quickly stiffens as he slowly jerks it; his balls being worked with his other hand. Dom spies the mirror and gets up on his knees so he can see himself perfectly in the mirror. His own reflection of his lean, muscular body really turns him on. He turns around to check out his ass and quickly finds himself bent over on the bed with his finger working his sweet young hole. Dom rolls over one the bed and pulls his legs back so that he can still see his asshole in the mirror. He pounds his cock while getting off on his own reflection; soon, finding he wants to stand up next to the mirror. The reflection of his engorged cock plus the real cock is quite a turn-on; enough to put Dom over the top. He grabs his cock a little tighter, strokes a little faster and the jizz begins squirting out onto the mirror. Dom drains every last drop of cum onto the mirror; his body shuddering as the last of his thick load sticks, not even dripping away.
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