Dominic Pacifico

Added:  Apr 04, 2017
DJ Porn Star Dominic Pacifico makes a special solo appearance fresh off his trip to Israel where he spent some time working and playing on the beach. Dominic begins by posing, flexing and rubbing every inch of his tanned and toned body; his cock getting rock hard in the skintight underwear he’s wearing. It’s not long before he releases his thick, uncut dick finds its way out of the top of the shorts and soon the underwear is coming off. He goes right to stroking his cock as he shoves his underwear in his face and takes a long deep breath of his own manliness. Turning around, bending over the sink and spreading his legs gives the best view of his sweet, tight hole; which he soon fills with his fingers. Dominic gets to work jerking his cock and pulling at his balls. The anticipation builds as he sensually rubs his lean, tight body with one hand while pounding his meat with other. As his balls tighten, Dominic leans forwards and squirts a thick, juicy load of cum all over his underwear; lying on the vanity beside him.
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