Gabriel and Felix

Added:  Mar 11, 2017
The passion was immediate between blond haired Gabriel Phoenix and hunky Felix Chase. After a brief interview these two young studs start kissing; and I mean, very deep kissing. As they take turns stripping each other out of their clothes Felix is the first to discover the extremely large piece of meat Gabriel was hiding in his underwear. Gabriel’s cock springs to attention and Felix eagerly woofs it down. Felix’s cock is rock hard in his underwear and Gabriel wants some of it. Felix lies back and enjoys a rather masterful blowjob as Gabriel works his cock and balls. Then, Gabriel grabs onto both of Felix’s legs, shoves them back as far as he can push them and drives his cock deep into Felix’s waiting hole. After some pretty deep pounding Gabriel rolls Felix over on the bed, drives his cock back in and starts fucking the shit out of Felix’s ass once again. They move the ass pounding to the floor where Felix finally grabs his cock yelling that he’s about to blow his load; and, that’s exactly what he does. Cum goes everywhere. All over him, the ruh and the floor and all the while Gabriel keeps shoving his cock in and out of Felix’s ass. Gabriel pulls out and begins shooting jizz all the way up and over Felix’s head, coating him from face to crotch. Yes, I’d say these two young studs were really into each other.
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