Garett and Tom

Added:  Jul 15, 2017
Tom Hawai makes a return visit to Badpuppy with big dicked hottie Garett Alba. The scene opens with our two young studs butt-ass naked, wrapped in white sheets and tongue fucking each other’s face. Both Tom and Garett are rock-hard from the get go and as Tom drops to his knees he swallows every single inch of Garett’s long dick. He goes at Garett’s cock voraciously until Garett pulls Tom up from his knees and sits down on the bed. He strokes Tom’s cock shaft and licks the head. Before long Tom is face fucking Garett’s mouth; shoving his thick cock deep down Garett’s throat. Garett lies down on the bed; face up under Tom, who is kneeling with his asshole directly over Garett’s open mouth and tongue. At first Garett teases Tom’s hole but then goes about getting his tongue just as far up Tom’s ass as possible. With his asshole primed, Tom lies back on the bed, pulls his leg up in the air and Garett drives his cock right up Tom’s ass and begins fucking his tight, young hole. Ultimately Tom winds up on top of Garett, riding his cock and apparently it was hitting just the right spot as Tom surprises us with a hands free cumshot while he’s getting his prostate massaged by Garett’s cock. Tom knows that Garett is close to cumming so he jumps off his dick, grabs it and begins jerking him until Garett starts spewing thick, creamy jizz all over himself and Tom.
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