Jason and Jeffrey

Added:  May 13, 2017
We catch Jeffrey Lloyd lying on the sofa with Jason on top of him; the pair deeply entwined in kissing and groping each other hunky, tight bodies. Jason helps Jeffrey out of his jeans to find that Jeffrey has on no underwear; but, his cock is definitely ready and standing at attention. Jason wastes no time sucking up every inch of Jeffrey’s thick, long man-meat. Jeffrey sits up and as Jason takes off his shirt, Jeffrey rips off Jason’s pants and swallows the entire length of his cock. Jason continues beating his thick dick while he chokes and gags on Jeffrey’s hugeness. Jeffrey motions for Jason to sit down on the sofa and then Jeffrey slides right down onto Jason’s thick dick. Thrusting with his legs, Jeffrey rides Jason’s cock, his own dick bouncing with the rhythm, getting even thicker and harder the deeper Jason’s cock goes in his ass. Jason continues to work Jeffrey’s hole; legs pushed back, his hole being seriously abused by Jason. The passion intensifies as the pounding sends Jason over the edge first. He pulls his cock out of Jeffrey’s ass, grabs it with his hand and with a few strokes; jizz starts flying all over Jeffrey’s cock, balls and chest. Jeffrey’s loving every bit of the cum soaking and; grabbing his cock, he sprays thick, juicy cum all over his tummy and chest.
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