Joel and Tim

Added:  Apr 15, 2017
Tim Law was finishing his shower and Joel Vargas did not want to get caught being a voyeur from around the corner of the door. Joel quickly heads back to his room; thinking of Tim’s hot, lean body glistening with the water running down his skin in the shower. Joel pulls down his pants, grabs his already hard cock and begins jacking off; thinking of what he’d like to do to Tim hot ass. Finished with his shower; Tim catches Joel jerking off while walking back to his room. He walks in and joins Joel, hoping for some hot action. Tim’s the first one out of his shorts with Joel going straight for his dick, swallowing it hungrily. Ultimately the two are sucking each other’s cock sixty-nine style with Joel topping Tim letting him enjoy both the hot dick in his face; and, Joel’s sweet butt. Tim wants one thing; he wants Joel’s cock up his ass. Joel is glad to oblige and as Tim lies back, raises one leg; Joel shoves his cock all the way in and goes right to spreading out Tim’s tight little hole. Tim finally winds up mounting Joel from the top where he jerks his cock while Joel pounds his ass from below. As Tim’s nuts tighten up next to his cock, he starts spitting strands of jizz all over the bed. Joel; really turned on by this, pulls his cock out of Tim, grabs it and he blows a thick, juicy load all over Tim’s chest.
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