Joshua and Mickey

Added:  Mar 09, 2017
Mickey Rush was jacking off by himself when he remembered a really hot guy he chatted with the day before. His name is Joshua Clark and Mickey could not wait to pick up the phone, call him and invite him over to jack off and have sex together. When he arrives, Joshua is the first one out of his clothes with Mickey dropping to his knees sucking up Joshua’s thick, hard cock. Mickey strips from his underwear; his cock pops to attention, rock hard from sucking Joshua’s dick. After an intense sixty-nine session Joshua lies back, pulls his legs behind his ears and Mickey goes to work on Joshua’s hole with his tongue. Mickey knows when Joshua’s hole is ready for his cock. He moves in behind Joshua and slowly; but, steadily pushes his cock all the way in; and, the ass pounding begins. Mickey moves in behind Joshua; fucking him long and hard before pushing Joshua up on his knees. Mickey rams his cock into Joshua’s ass again; but, this time the fucking is even harder. His long, thick cock pounds away at Joshua’s hole until he just can’t take it anymore. He pulls out his cock and starts cumming almost immediately; spraying jizz all over Joshua’s ass and onto the sofa below. This sends Joshua over the edge; and, as he kneels down by Mickey’s face he lets loose a thick load of juicy cum all over Mickey’s cheek, lips and tongue. Of course Mickey had to go in for a taste of that sweet juice.
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