Kayden and Michael

Added:  Dec 24, 2016
Kayden Gray and Michael Wyatt stumbled onto an open construction site; left open when the construction workers left for the day. They slip in, secure the door behind them and Kayden pins Michael against the window. Their lips lock in a deep passionate kiss and they quickly start to remove each other’s clothes. Michael drops to his knees pulling Kayden’s already rock hard cock from the confines of his underwear and then swallowing every inch of Kayden’s huge piece of meat. Kayden spins Michael around and with Michael staring out the glass window; Kayden buries his face and tongue deep into Michael’s asshole. When Kayden gets the hint that Michael’s ass is ready, he stands up and pushes his thick, hard cock all the way up Michael’s hole. After letting Kayden fuck the hell out of him from the rear, Michael jumps up on the window sill and while holding himself up with the stair rail he goes to town bouncing up and down; riding Kayden’s cock. Kayden pounds until he’s ready to shoot. He pulls out of Michael and no sooner had Michael knelt down on the floor; but, Kayden squirts a thick, creamy load of jizz all over Michael’s face. Michael can’t hold it anymore either and he too blows a huge load of cum all over the floor.
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