Luke Tyler

Added:  Nov 21, 2017
26-year-old Luke Tyler returns to Badpuppy for a hot, wet solo performance. After a brief interview where we find out this stud likes to dominate his sex partners and is very proud of how much he can shoot, he strips off his shirt and one hand disappears down his pants. As the bulge in his pants grows Tyler unbuttons his pants giving him more room to massage his cock which is still confined to his underwear. Sliding his pants and underwear to the floor Tyler grabs his thick, uncut cock and gets down to business pleasuring himself. He lies back on the sofa, spreads his legs; one hand pounding his cock and the other tweaking his nipples. As he gets close he puts his legs up on the back of the sofa and continues jerking even more feverishly. As his breathing deepens Tyler fulfils on one of his comments during the interview. When he starts shooting, the cum literally goes flying over his head onto the carpet with a healthy amount of his thick jizz coating his chest and face.
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