Luke and Kieron

Added:  Nov 24, 2017
Luke Tyler and Keiron Knight seemed a little timid with each other at the beginning of their interview; but, when Keiron stands up, pulls down his pants and plops that big uncut dick in front of Luke’s face the chemistry between the two becomes evident. The two of them start kissing, Keiron’s cock begins growing and they quickly strip each other out of their clothes. Keiron drops to his knees and swallows every inch of Luke’s cock; hungrily and passionately working it with his tongue. Keiron climbs up on the back of the sofa and Luke wastes no time going down on Keiron’s thick, uncut cock; enjoying every bit of it. Before long Keiron spins around on the sofa, bends over and Luke slides his cock deep inside. He pounds away at Keiron’s hole; driving it deep with every thrust. Keiron switches things up when he motions for Luke to sit down on the sofa. Keiron climbs on top of Luke, slides down on that thick cock of his and begins riding it; feeling it reach deep inside him. In the end Luke has Keiron laying down on the sofa with his legs spread wide and his cock giving Keiron’s tight ass a good fucking. Luke sends Keiron over the top and Keiron blows quite the load of cum all over his furry stomach and chest. Luke pulls out, grabs his cock and blasts his own incredible load of jizz all over Keiron.
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