Odin and Lance

Added:  Jun 03, 2017
Returning to Badpuppy for an action video with Dominic Pacifico behind the camera, Odin Strokes teams up with hot stud Lance Hart. The situation heats up quickly, and it doesn’t take long until both of them are stripped naked and kissing passionately. Lance slowly kisses his way down Odin’s chest as he drops to his knees and comes face to face with the enormity of Odin’s manhood. Time and time again he tries to swallow the whole thing; but, Odin’s length appears to get in the way. Odin pulls Lance up off the floor and he drops to his knees, pulling down Lance’s underwear. Lance’s cock is rock hard as his shorts come down and Odin goes straight down onto every single inch he can shove in his mouth. Ready for some ass, Lance bends Odin over the sofa and begins working Odin’s hole with his eager tongue. Odin is soon begging for Lance’s cock and Lance delivers. After oiling up his dick he shoves it straight into Odin’s ass; and, the pounding ensues. Things get interesting when Odin rolls Lance over on the bed, pushes his legs back and then shoves his entire cock deep into Lance ass. The different expressions in Lance’s face as Odin fucks him are priceless. Lance keeps trying to hold off cumming; but, as his body tightens his rock hard cock and tight nuts start squirting thick amounts of jizz onto his abs; the rest running down his cock and hand. Odin finishes things off by blowing his juicy load all over Martin’s face and mouth.
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