Dane Stewart

Added:  May 10, 2018
Dane Stewart is a 26-year-old tattoo artist by trade, loves his motorbike and works out when he gets the opportunity. We find out during the interview that Dane really loves having his butt played with so maybe we can have him back for some duo action at some point in the future. Dane stands up and strips off his clothes with the exception of his underwear. He turns, poses and shows off his tats and muscles as he rubs the bulge growing his underwear. Dane reaches into his shorts and pulls out one hell of a large cock. He begins jacking it and in no time at all the pre-cum starts flowing. He turns around, pulls off his shorts and straddles the chair. His legs are spread wide and he starts by shoving his middle finger just as deep in his hole as possible. After some intense ass play, Dane settles back in his chair and some very focused jacking begins. With one hand shoving fingers up his hole and the other pounding his meat it does not take long before Dane is spewing his sweet load of cum all over himself.
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