Michael and Dane

Added:  Jul 14, 2018
Michael Delray could not keep his hands off of Dane Stewart during the interview. In fact, Michael interrupts the interview and reaches over to fondle Dane’s rock-hard cock in his shorts. Michael leans over, unzips Dane’s shorts, pulls out his dick, and starts giving it a tongue bath. Before long, he’s swallowing Dane’s entire cock and bobbing his head up and down enjoying every hot inch of it. Michael stops long enough to strip off his clothes, and then he’s quickly back to servicing Dane’s cock and balls. Dane kneels over Michael’s hot ass and begins shoving his tongue deep into Michael’s hole. Dane works Michael’s ass, priming him for his cock. He slides it in slowly at first, and Michael is soon backing up on Dane’s cock. That’s when Dane starts power-fucking Michael’s hole. Dane pulls out and lays back on the bed and Michael climbs on top and sits down on Dane’s long, thick piece of meat. Michael gets his ass pounded bouncing up and down on Dane’s dick, but Dane has something else in mind. He pushes Michael’s legs back, and the intense fucking continues. Danes cock hits the right spot, and Michael can’t hold back anymore. He starts squirting cum all over himself before Dane pulls out and coats Michael in a healthy dose of jizz.
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