Alex and Sherman

Added:  Aug 31, 2018
Sherman Maus and Alex Hawk not only hit it off during the interview; but, they also could not keep from caressing and touching each other the entire time. Alex kneels up on the bed, strips off his shirt, lifts his arms and Sherman goes in for a sniff and a lick of Alex’s underarms. Cocks start growing in both of their underwear and Alex shoves his hands right down Sherman’s shorts. Sherman’s cock, already rock-hard, is quite the surprise for Alex. He lays down on the bed and starts servicing Sherman’s big piece of man-meat. Sherman soon gets his turn. He pushes Alex back on the bed, starts woofing down his cock and his fingers go right to work on Alex’s hole. Sherman flips Alex over on the bed. Alex spreads his ass and legs, opening his ass to Sherman’s tongue. Sherman dives right in, priming Alex’s hole for his thick cock. He pushes it in slowly, letting Alex get used to not only his width; but, length. Sherman begins rocking back and forth, loosening Alex’s tight hole. Alex moans with every single thrust. You can definitely tell he’s enjoying every single inch. Alex takes Sherman’s pounding all over the bed; but, when he grabs his own cock and starts jerking it, he starts squirting jizz all over his furry chest and tummy. Sherman pulls out, leans over and licks some cum off of Alex’s cock. The taste obviously sends him over the edge because he almost immediately blows his load of cum all over Alex.
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