Dmitry and Frankie

Added:  Sep 07, 2018
Dmitry Osten finishes the interview and literally attacks Frankie Quinn's mouth with his tongue. The two are kissing almost as intensely as a good fuck session. Their clothes are quickly shed and Dmitry is on his knees sucking up every last inch of Frankie's uncut cock. Frankie soon has Dmitry on the sofa, legs spread and he goes at Dmitry's dick quite voraciously. Dmitry gets Frankie worked up in short order. Frankie climbs on top of Dmitry and slides right down on his cock. Dmitry wastes no time and he is soon pounding away at Frankie's ass. Frankie rolls off and kneels on the sofa with his ass in the air. Dmitry willingly fills Frankie's empty hole again and continues the royal fucking he was dolling out. In the end, Frankie is on his back, heels in the air with Dmitry still pounding away at his ass. Frankie jerks his cock faster and harder. Dmitry begins thrusting harder and deeper. Frankie loses it and blows his load all over himself. Dmitry pulls out and explodes copious amounts of jizz all over Frankie's chest, abs and cock.
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