Robbie Kasl

Added:  Mar 06, 2018
Robbie Kasl loves to play with himself. Finding himself all alone he shuts the door, strips off his clothes; and, makes his way to the bed. After flopping his horse-hung cock over the bed rail, Robbie lies back on the bed. He starts slowly, jacking his thick cock; and, with each stroke it gets larger and larger. His other hand begins probing his tight hole as he lifts and spreads his legs. Robbie moves up; and, sits on the head-rail of the bed. From this angle you get a fairly precise idea of just how big Robbie’s cock really is. He grabs his meat and gets back to pleasuring himself while turning for the camera, showing off that hot ass of his. Laying back on the bed, Robbie focuses on getting his nut with every stroke. His breathing is heavy and deep. With each stroke his nuts get tighter; and, in a final release Robbie’s cock explodes sweet, creamy jizz all over his tummy and chest.
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