Hugo Diaz

Added:  May 15, 2018
Hugo Diaz comes to us from a brand-new producer in the country of Spain. He’s originally from Ecuador; but, recently made the move to Europe. Hugo has a lean, taught body and you’d think he worked out; but, alas, he claims all those ripped muscles are simply genetics. After the interview finishes Hugo lifts his shirt showing off his incredible six-pack. He slips the shirt over his head and drops it on the floor. Both of his hands begin sensually rubbing his arms, chest and abs. His hands grab the growing bulge in his jeans which he pulls off and throws to the side. Sitting there in his underwear Hugo’s cock is rock-hard and making quite the impression. He strips off his shorts, settles back in the chair and begins stroking his long, uncut cock. It’s not long before the precum starts flowing and Hugo has more lube for jacking his cock. He stands, turns around and bends over the chair, spreading his sweet tight hole wide for the camera. Ass-play finished, Hugo sits back down in the chair focusing on whacking his meat. In short order Hugo is moaning louder, his nuts get really tight and his cock starts squirting thick loads of creamy jizz all over his hot chest and abs.
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