Cesar and Beau

Added:  Aug 18, 2018
Beau Taylor can’t keep his hands off his crotch during the entire interview. Of course, Cesar Xes notices Beau’s continuous hand movements so he reaches over and grabs the huge bulge in Beau’s jeans. Almost like an instinct both of them stand up, strip off their clothes and Cesar swallows every inch of Beau’s thick, uncut cock. Beau soon directs Cesar to lay back on the sofa where he goes to work on Cesar’s cock before rolling him over and burying his face in Cesar’s ass. The deeper his tongue goes up Cesar’s ass the harder Cesar’s dick gets. Beau takes advantage of the situation and slowly pushes his cock into Cesar’s freshly primed hole. Once Cesar is used to Beau’s thickness, Beau starts pounding away, giving Cesar’s hole quite the work-out. Cesar is dripping wet from the intense fucking when he loses it. He blasts a thick load of cum coating his chest and stomach. Beau pulls out before he cums and Cesar jumps up and starts sucking Beau’s cock. He takes Beau’s entire load in his mouth before letting the jizz drip back out onto Beau’s still-throbbing cock.
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