Lior Hod

Added:  Aug 28, 2018
We add another porn virgin, Lior Hod, to the puppy pound. Although a little nervous, Lior was instantly erect and leaked precum like a sieve. He strips off his shirt; his abs and pecs are ripped and well defined. He pulls his huge cock from his shorts, it’s already rock-hard. Lior slips his underwear down a little further and starts jacking his long, uncut dick. His balls bounce as he jerks and he’s soon stripped off his underwear. Lior kneels up on the bed continuing to pleasure his dick. One hand reaches back towards his ass and he starts teasing his hole with his fingers. Lior lays back down on the bed, pulling his legs back. He slowly pushes his finger into his hole with one hand while the other hand focuses on his cock. Lior is soon breathing hard; his nuts almost disappear and his body goes rigid. As his eyes roll back in his head Lior squirts a creamy load of jizz all over those 6-pack abs of his.
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