Tony Koch

Added:  Sep 27, 2016
We met Tony Koch at a local talent scouting event and Tony made it clear that he wants to do gay porn videos; but, has not had the opportunity yet. We invited Tony back to our hotel room for a little screen test and things got heated very quickly. It was almost like Tony had forgotten the cameras were rolling as he lay back on the writing table. Tony slowly lifts off his shirt revealing a lean and smooth chest which he begins rubbing along with tweaking his nipples. One hand disappears down his pants, the other unzips his zipper and his cock head springs out of the top of his pants. Tony slips out of his jeans, his cock rock hard and standing at attention. As he grabs his thick cock, Tony starts jerking and his huge balls bounce with the rhythm. Laying back on the table, Tony pulls his legs back so that he can not only give us an awesome shot of his sweet hole; but, using his fingers he tickles his own hole as he continues to stroke his cock. Towards the end of his screen test, Tony is beating the crap out of his penis, his moaning increases and with a burst of enjoyment, the jizz erupts out of his cock; dripping down the side and along his hand. Looking completely satisfied with himself he leans back and with a quizzical smile he asks if he can do it again. How can we refuse!
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