Camil Tucker

Added:  Oct 12, 2016
Camil Tucker is out to show us what he’s got in this Badpuppy solo and he puts on quite a show from start to finish. Camil starts things off by removing his shirt, squeezing his cock through his jeans, and stroking his slender body. He teases the camera for a moment, but he soon shows off the goods. Camil's uncut cock is the perfect size. He has a set of big balls that bounce up and down in rhythm to his stroking. Camil moans and worships his body as he jacks off for the camera. His seductive eyes keep you locked into the scene. He bends over and gives us a perfect shot of his tight asshole. Spreading his cheeks apart, he massages his hole with his fingers, and then Camil brings the attention back to his cock. He's hard as a rock and ready to cum. Tugging at his cock a little while longer, Camil soon shoots a thick, steamy load of jizz all over the black sofa. By the end of the scene Camil Tucker is spent and satisfied and so are we!
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