Ricky and Tommy

Added:  Oct 20, 2016
Ricky Davis and Tommy Romero were totally bored when Tommy suggested that they have a contest to see who could get off quicker. They stripped off their shirts, sat down in chairs facing each other, pulled out their cocks and begin jacking them. With each stroke both studs were getting harder and harder; but, the contest was about to end. Ricky gets up and walks over to where Tommy is still sitting jerking his dick. Tommy reaches out for Ricky’s cock and immediately puts it in his mouth and he sucks it all the way in. Ricky gets to face fucking Tommy as Tommy continues to jerk his cock. Tommy strips out of his jeans and kneels down on the chair. Ricky comes over and starts a blow-job on Tommy that anyone would be envious of and all the while he continues to work his own cock. Tommy turns around on the chair and Ricky lies under his asshole where he sticks out his tongue and starts licking Tommy’s sweet, hairy hole. When Tommy is sufficiently loose, Ricky comes in from the rear and plunges his thick, hard cock all the way into Tommy’s waiting hole. Ricky pounds away at Tommy as Tommy works his cock with his balls swinging to the rhythm of the pounding. Ricky switches things up a bit when he sits down on the chair so that Tommy can sit down on his cock. Tommy uses his legs to work Ricky’s cock exactly where he wants it to go and all the while he continues to jerk his cock. When he knows he can’t hold it any longer, Tommy jumps off of Ricky’s cock, comes around and sprays his thick load of jizz all over Ricky’s chest and abs. This action sends Ricky over the top and he can’t hold his load anymore. With a few short thrusts of his hand Ricky empties his cock of his sweet love juice.
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