Enrico and Billy

Added:  Nov 17, 2016
Hunky Enrico Roselli hooked up for some hot sex with Billy Simonds and it does not take long for them to start removing each other’s clothing. Once both of these hot, young men are naked Billy leans over and plants a deep kiss on Enrico’s lips and his cock stands right to attention. Billy wastes no time sucking down Enrico’s cock and let me tell you, that stud can suck a dick. Enrico returns the cock sucking favor as he sits down on the sofa next to Billy and begins working his cock all the way to the back of his throat. The surprise for me was to see Enrico bend over and Billy slowly; but forcefully buries his cock deep into Enrico’s ass. It’s obvious that Enrico loves this fuck as his cock is rock hard and pointing straight up. Enrico swings around, has Billy sit down on the sofa and Enrico sits down onto Billy’s dick and starts riding it up and down; working every inch of Billy’s cock. Billy begins fucking harder and faster. Enrico grabs his cock and blows a thick load of jizz all over his leg, cock and balls. As Enrico’s jizz is running down onto his crotch and leg, Billy pulls his cock out of Enrico and shoots his cum onto Enrico’s balls. Very Hot! As the camera fades out, our two young studs fall into a sweaty kiss.
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