Toby and Conner

Added:  Nov 19, 2016
The connection between Toby Springs and Conner Mason was immediate. Having just met the only thing on both of their minds was how quickly could they get to one of their apartments, get naked and start having sex. Once in bed; Toby is the first one totally stripped of his clothes with Conner burying Toby’s rock hard cock deep into his throat, going up and down voraciously. Toby spins Conner around after nearly gagging on Conner’s thick piece of meat he rolls him over, buries his face in his Conner’s ass and gives him an ass licking that would drive any man insane. Conner gets up on all four and Toby rams his cock into Conner’s well lubricated and prepped hole. These two studs fuck like bunnies doing it for the first time and when Conner is ready to come he pulls out and literally sprays jizz all over Toby’s chest and up to his face. As you would think, this puts Toby over the edge and he blows his load, coating his own chest and stomach.
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