Pablo Ross

Added:  Nov 22, 2016
25 year old tennis player Pablo Ross stopped by today wanting to demonstrate how well he can work his equipment. As he pulls off his shirt we’re absolutely amazed at his incredibly sculpted body. After turning and posing for the cameras Pablo turns around and lets his pants fall to the floor revealing that his cock is already standing at attention. As he turns, he tempts us with THE most incredible ass. Pablo grabs his cock in hand and begins working it. As he jerks his balls move in rhythm and his arm muscles seem to flex with each up and down movement. After some intense cock jerky Pablo lies back on a pillow on the floor, pulls his legs back and begins playing with his ass. He moans each time his fingers tickles his tight little hole. Getting up onto his knees Pablo takes his cock in hand again and between jerking it to almost cumming he rubs his chest and leg muscles with his hands feeling his own chiseled features. As his entire body tightens it’s obvious what’s about to happen; and, it does. Pablo squirts a thick load of jizz all over the floor coating his hands and cock in the process. As the remaining cum drips from his cock, Pablo looks at the camera, smiles in a very sensual way and the camera fades to black.
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