Patrik Farina

Added:  Feb 07, 2017
20 year old Patrik Farina is a lean, hard straight guy we met recently. After a brief chat he learned we produced gay porn movies and asked if we thought he would be able to do a video and show off his body. Our eager young stud sheds his clothes quickly and we were quite impressed with how hard and stiff his cock became. Apparently Patrik also enjoys having people watching him as he strokes his meat because he gets really turned on. Lying back on the sofa, Patrik spread his legs and ass; giving us a view of a hole that needs to be filled with a stiff, wet tongue. Patrik stands up and starts working his cock with one hand and rubbing his chest and balls with the other. He continues to jerk off; turning so we can see different sides of him before he lies back on the sofa with his thick cock sticking straight up in the air. As Patrik strokes, it does not take long until his balls are tight up against his body and when he shoots; stand back. Jizz goes flying everywhere; all over his chest, stomach and I’d swear; from one angle, it actually went over his shoulder and onto the sofa. As the camera fades out Patrik gives us a cheeky little grin as we catch that satisfied twinkle in his eye.
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