Adrian and Tom

Added:  Feb 09, 2017
Tom Crosby was standing in front of the mirror deciding if he should shave when in walks his 23 year old boyfriend Adrian Sanders. Both of these young studs are naked except for the towels wrapped around them. Adrian begins kissing his way down Tom’s incredibly chiseled chest and stomach until he finds a rather plump, large surprise waiting for him under Tom’s towel. Tom’s cock springs to attention and Adrian quickly swallows every inch and starts deep throating and sucking as deep as he can. Tom drops to his knees ready to give Adrian’s dick some attention as Adrian grabs Tom’s head and directs it up and down over his thick shaft. After some hot cock sucking Tom bends over the sofa, Adrian lubes up his finger and when Tom’s hole is ready, Adrian buries his cock all the way in. Adrian fucks the heck out of him on his knees before flipping him over on his back and continues the intense ass pounding. Tom’s stroking his cock with the fucking rhythm and it’s not long before he realizes he can’t hold back anymore. As his balls disappear from view; Tom’s cock starts squirting cum all over his chest and abs. Ready to blow his own load; Adrian pulls out, moves up and squirts a thick, juicy load of jizz all over Tom’s face and tongue while Tom sucks out the last drops.
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