Ty Mendes

Added:  Feb 14, 2017
Ty Mendes showed up for his casting couch session with Rio all excited and ready to get things started. Hell, we could tell he was aroused when he pulled off his pants and there was a big wet spot on his underwear. Ty is one, built stud; you can tell he works out and after a little self-rubbing on the sofa; our producer; Rio, walks over, pulls out his cock and sets out to see how Ty performs on camera having gay sex. Ty drops to his knees and while jerking his cock he get Rio’s dick even harder with his mouth. With a rock hard cock, Rio spins Ty around on the sofa, bends him over and begins lubing up his ass. After he fingers the lube deep into Ty’s hole, Rio plunges his engorged cock all the way in until Ty had to have Rio slow down a little. Ty literally gets his ass worked in this casting session, and he takes the pounding until Rio is ready to bust his nut. Rio pulls out, shoots a load of jizz all over Ty’s incredible ass and then Ty rolls over and no sooner had he started stroking his cock than long streams of cum start squirting all the way up to his face, down his chest, six-pack and drips down the side of his cock.
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