Billy and Kit

Added:  Feb 25, 2017
Kit Wilde loves to kiss and he makes it clear that he wants to kiss every single inch of Billy Rock’s tight swimmers build body. As Kit kisses his way around Rock’s body and the clothes come off; the bulges in their shorts tell a bigger story. Billy drops to his knees and begins nuzzling the huge bulge in Kit’s shorts. Of course, the bulge grows even larger so, Billy grabs the waist band and pulls it down. Out pops one of the thickest and stiffest cocks; right in his face. Billy swallows every single inch of it. Both of our hot, young studs take turns sucking and licking each other’s cock and balls before Kit bends Billy over the chair and grabs his own rock hard cock in hand. Kit directs his dick at Billy’s ass and drives it deep into his hole. These two go at it in three different positions and with each deep, long thrust Kit is driving Billy closer to orgasm. Billy grabs his cock, begins jerking; but, it’s only seconds before he is jizzing all over himself. Kit continues to fuck Billy’s ass while he’s cumming; and, when Billy is finished, Kit pulls his cock out of Billy’s hole and immediately starts jerking it. When Kit starts cumming he starts spraying. Literally there is jizz flying everywhere. It is definitely apparent these two were into each other.
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