Fabian Flores

Added:  Feb 28, 2017
A few weeks ago our Argentinian producer, Rodrigo, ran into this young, muscular stud, Fabian Flores, while sitting at the bar in a new city. After a bit of conversation Fabian learns that Rodrigo shoots gay porn movies and he blushingly asks if Rod thought he had what it took to make a video. Rod told him that he would need to see the merchandise and do a short test video to see how Fabian looked on film. Fabian lets on that he has a room across the street from the bar and invites Rod over; but first, Rod has to stop by his car and grab his camera. Fabian’s place is small and the lighting is not the greatest; but, as his clothes come off and Fabian’s huge, uncut cock flops out of his shorts everything else fades away. Lying back on the bed, Fabian grabs his dick and begins stroking and of course Rod just cannot keep his hands off of that big, beautiful cock. Fabian keeps at it, never losing his erection and when he’s ready to nut; he squirts a thick load of jizz onto his abs with the rest of the gooey mess dripping down his cock. Rod keeps filming and follows Fabian to the shower where we get to enjoy that huge, thick cock of his as he gets wet and rinses off.
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