Jamie and Tommy

Added:  Mar 04, 2017
Tommy Hunter had just finished a game on his phone when boyfriend of the week; Jamie Allen, shows up for some afternoon playtime. Jamie leans back on the sofa; rubs his hands slowly up his ripped abs chest while Tommy kneels on the floor, pulls out Jamie’s cock and swallows his thick piece of meat. Jamie gets his turn at Tommy huge cock, sucking and licking his dick; while at the same time getting all excited because he definitely wanted to ride this long, thick cock he was currently licking. Jamie climbs on top of Tommy’s rock hard cock, slides down very slowly and when he’s ready, Tommy starts pounding from below. Jamie goes from getting his ass fucked while kneeling over the sofa to finally ending up on the rug in the middle of the room. As Tommy feels the urge to cum getting close he pulls out, kneels up by Jamie’s chest and dumps a thick load of jizz all over Jamie. Jamie starts working his cock a little faster and gives us a nice creamy finale with his load running down his cock and hand onto his stomach.
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