Nico, Adam, and Florian

Added:  Apr 02, 2017
Nico Lacosty woke early to find his buddy Adam Torres sound asleep in the bunk above him. As Nico crawls into the bunk with Adam he wants to play; but, Adam wants to be left alone. Nico pulls on his jeans and heads out for a walk. During his walk, Nico meets Florian Richter and it was immediate lust. Nico was horny and since Adam was not giving it up, Florian would do nicely and he invites Florian back to his place. They both crash on the lower bunk, stripping off their clothes, sucking cock, shaking the bed and ultimately waking Adam who was still asleep in the top bunk. Adam peers over the top rail, sees the hot action starting below him and decides it’s time to get up and join in. This three way of hot young studs managed to work itself into a sticky frenzy very quickly. Adam is the first to have his hole filled. As he’s sucking Nico’s cock, Florian pushes in from the rear and begins pounding away at Adam’s plump, tight ass. Things really heat up when Adam crawls on top of Nico, sits down on his cock and then Florian climbs in behind Adam as well and shoves his cock into Adam’s ass at the same time. Florian gives Adam a good fucking; but, the excitement gets to him and he has to pull out as he shoots his jizz all over Adam’s balls. When Florian is finished, Nico rolls Adam over, pushes his cock deep into his ass and continues the pounding until Nico’s ready to cum. He pulls out, climbs above Adam’s chest and blows a thick creamy load into Adams mouth and all over his face. Adam’s not been forgotten as Nico and Florian work to stimulate his cock, balls and chest until Adam’s sprays his load all over himself and Florian’s hands.
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