Mickey and Jack

Added:  Apr 22, 2017
Sitting on the sofa Jack Taylor leans over and kisses Mickey Taylor on the lips. He begins stripping Mickey’s shirt off and pulls down his pants showing off Mickey’s tight bubble butt. As Jack’s clothes come off Mickey pauses and pays attention to the growing bulge in Jack’s underwear. He leans forward; first licking the precum starting to show in Jack’s underwear before he pulls back the shorts and out pops Jack’s rock hard cock. Mickey wastes no time sucking it down; enjoying every single inch of Jack’s thick manhood. Jack motions for Mickey to lie back on the sofa, rips off his pants and underwear before burying his face deep into Mickey’s crotch; sometimes gagging on Mickey’s cock. Jack pushes Mickey’s legs back, buries his face in Mickey’s ass and starts tongue fucking him causing Mickey’s eyes to roll back in his head; but, getting him primed for Jack’s cock. Slowly at first; Jack slides his dick into Mickey’s hole; but, once Mickey is settled, Jack goes to working him over harder and faster. Mickey switches things up by having Jack lay out on the floor with his legs and ass propped up against the sofa. Mickey takes his turn at Jack as he shoves his cock into Jack’s ass and from the most unique position he fucks the hell out of Jack. With one last flip-flop Mickey kneels on the sofa and Jack penetrates his ass again; pounding away until he can’t hold it anymore. Jack pulls out and starts squirting thick loads of cum all over Mickey’s tight, hot ass. Mickey turns around, grabs his cock as he sits back on the sofa while Jack keep shoving his tongue down his throat. Mickey’s nuts tighten as he blows jizz all over his chest and stomach while Jack continues to kiss his face and rubs the cum into Mickey’s chest.
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