Joel and Dom

Added:  Sep 30, 2017
Joel Vargas and Dom Ully are both working out at the gym when Joel catches Dom checking him out. Joel motions for Dom to join him at which point Joel drops to his knees, pulls down Dom’s shorts and gobbles up every inch of Dom’s rock hard cock. Dom catches Joel playing with himself thru his shorts. Dom motions for Joel to stand and Dom drops to his knees, helping himself to Joel’s thick, uncut dick. After pleasuring each other’s cocks on the floor mat Joel pulls Dom over to the work-out bench where he bends him over and spreads his ass cheeks. Joel pushes his cock into Dom slowly at first; but, when Dom’s used to the size of Joel’s thick cock, Joel goes about giving Dom a fucking like he’s not had in a while. They ultimately wind up back on the floor mat with Joel pounding away at Dom; who’s on his back with his heels in the air. As Joel fuck Dom’s tight hole, Dom jerks his cock and it begins erupting with jizz squirting all over his stomach. Joel pulls his cock out and just as he starts jerking it the cum starts flying up and onto Dom’s chest and stomach.
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