Mickey Taylor

Added:  Oct 03, 2017
24-year-old, part-time musician and part-time porn star Mickey Taylor makes a solo visit to the Badpuppy studio showing off his new tattoos and other hot assets. Slipping out of his pants, Mickey’s sporting quite the bulge in his tight red underwear. He sits down on the sofa, slides his hand down his shorts and begins massaging the thick package contained therein. His shorts slide off easily enough and he reaches back to grab a bottle of lube; squiring a generous amount into his hands. Mickey starts stroking his cock, rubbing in the oil, getting himself turned on. He turns around and bends over the sofa and begins shoving one of his lubed-up hands up his bum. With one hand working his cock and the other going hard at his hole Mickey quickly works himself into a frenzy. As his balls and muscles tighten Mickey sprays a thick load of jizz all over his face, chest and stomach. With one last pull on his dick he drains the remaining cum and lies his head back on the sofa completely exhausted.
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