Casper, Daz, and Gary

Added:  Oct 07, 2017
It is the same dream every time. Daz Nelson is being chased by two really hot studs; Gary Brickman and Casper Wats. Daz tries to get away and begins running at a faster pace. This time; however, the dream changes and the outcome is totally different. Daz sees himself waking up; his head resting on the back of a sofa. He is stripped naked with Casper on his right and Gary on his left; both, sitting there with their rock hard cocks in their hands. Daz bends over the sofa and spreads his ass for Casper and Gary. They work Daz’s hole with their tongues; loosening it up and getting it nice and wet. Daz grabs his cock as they work his ass and he starts shooting jizz all over the sofa. Apparently someone’s a little excited! Casper and Gary climb up on the back of the sofa where it serves as the perfect perch for Daz to get a good face fucking on their two thick cocks. Daz works Gary’s cock just right. As he pulls it out of Daz’s mouth he squirts a thick juicy load all over his face. Casper joins in and blows a thick glob of jizz onto the other side of Daz’s face. Casper rolls over on the sofa, points his cock in the air and Daz goes about riding this hot young stud’s cock until he blows his own load all over Casper’s tight young abs. Let’s not forget that at the same time Daz is riding Casper’s cock, Gary is pounding the hell out of Casper’s hole. Gary moves his cock up and shoves it into Daz’s hole along with Casper’s; and, the intense fucking continues. The three of them manage to work themselves all over the sofa as Casper jerks a final load onto Daz’s face while Gary is obliterating Daz’s ass. Gary pulls out as he starts squirting his load and dumps a thick juicy mess all over Daz’s tight hot hole.
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