Mickey and Frankie

Added:  Dec 23, 2017
After a quite in-depth interview, Mickey Taylor leans over and plants his lips firmly on Frankie Quinn’s lips giving him a deep, passionate kiss. Frankie rips off his shirt and begins unbuttoning Mickey’s; their hands groping each other as their tongues probe each other’s mouths. Frankie reaches down and pulls Mickey’s raging cock from his underwear. Mickey is rock hard and Frankie wastes no time giving his dick some oral attention. Wanting in on the action, Mickey rolls over on the bed. With Frankie standing next to the bed; Mickey goes to work sucking up every hard inch of Frankie’s long, uncut dick. Frankie is definitely worked up and ready for some action. He lubes up his hole; and, after Mickey lays back on the bed, he sits right down on Mickey’s cock. Mickey goes to work pounding away at Frankie’s ass. At the same time, Frankie gyrates his ass back and forth, jerking his cock as Mickey’s cock finds the “right spot” deep inside him. Mickey turns Frankie over on the bed, pulls his ass in the air and shoves his tongue deep inside before ramming his cock back in. The ass pounding continues with Frankie moaning while he enjoys every inch of Mickey’s thick dick. With Frankie now on his back and Mickey fucking away, Frankie takes his cock in hand. It does not take much coaxing as in no time at all Frankie is squirting a thick load of cum onto his abs which Mickey quickly scoops up and swallows the entire lot. Mickey pulls his cock out and begins jacking it. He’s so excited that he sprays a load of jizz all over Frankie, coating his neck, chest and the bed.
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