Dmitry and Johannes

Added:  Jul 07, 2018
Dmitry Osten and Johannes Lars hit it off from the very beginning. There is definitely an electricity between them during their interview. The interview ends and both of our young studs shove their tongues down each other throats while their hands go about groping each other’s private parts. Dmitry stands up and strips off is clothes. His long, uncut cock is rock-hard, standing straight up and Johannes wastes no time woofing the whole thing down his throat. Johannes chows down on Dmitry’s meat for quite some time and Dmitry wants his turn. He has Johannes lay back on the sofa, spreads Johannes’ legs and buries his face right in Johannes’ ass. He works his tongue as deep into Johannes’ hole as possible and Johannes frees his cock from his underwear and goes about jerking himself. The whole time Dmitry is tongue-fucking Johannes, he is also busy whacking his own cock. His rock-hard cock also has Johannes’ attention so, he climbs on, sits down slowly and Dmitry is soon power-fucking from below and Johannes’ thick dick is continuously bouncing off his tummy. Johannes gets so into Dmitry’s cock that he lays back and begins gyrating his ass as deep onto Dmitry’s rod as possible. Johannes loses it first. He starts shooting load after load of jizz which goes flying all the way up to his pecs, coating him in thick, white cream. Dmitry pulls out and begins spraying additional white cream all over Johannes chest, cock and balls.
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