Gabriel and Dmitry

Added:  Oct 12, 2018
Gabriel Phoenix returns with Russian superstar Dmitry Osten and they are so into each other that their interview does not last very long. They are soon pawing and kissing each other while still sitting on the sofa. Gabriel pulls Dmitry to his feet and Dmitry reaches over and strips off Gabriel’s shirt. Dmitry starts kissing his way down Gabriel’s furry chest; but, before he can get any further than Gabriel’s underwear, Gabriel has him stand again. Gabriel pulls off Dmitry’s shirt and drops to his knees pulling off Dmitry’s pants and underwear in short order. Dmitry’s cock is already erect and Gabriel wastes no time sucking down every single inch of it. Dmitry kneels on the sofa and Gabriel tempts Dmitry with his cock-filled underwear. Dmitry frees Gabriel’s dick and continuously gags on it as he voraciously tries swallowing his entire length. Dmitry’s soon face-down with Gabriel shoving his long, thick cock deep into his hole. Dmitry takes quite the ass-pounding; but, then the flip-flop happens. Dmitry pushes Gabriel back on the sofa and while holding his legs back, Dmitry shoves his cock in deep and starts power-fucking Gabriel’s hole. Gabriel takes dick in hand and starts jacking as his ass is getting plowed. Dmitry finally sends Gabriel over the edge and Gabriel loses his load of cum all over himself. Dmitry pulls out and starts spraying jizz all over Gabriel, coating him in thick, white goo.
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