Archie Hunt

Added:  Mar 01, 2018
Archie Hunt has the house to himself; and he is looking for a little fun-time with his best friend currently tucked inside his jeans. Sitting back on his bed, Archie lifts the front of his shirt; and, shows us that something’s growing in Archie’s pants. He pulls down his pants and underwear; allowing his thick, uncut cock to pop out. Pushing down his pants, he starts slowly massaging his cock up and down. As his cock gets stiffer, Archie gets more and more horny. He throws his legs in the air and his hand makes its way down to his tight, hairy hole. His fingers start probing and Archie moans deeper. He grabs his dick, kneels onto the bed and continues pleasuring himself. Archie strokes his cock almost methodically; not too fast and not too slow. Laying back on the bed, Archie starts pounding it just a little faster and harder. As his nuts tighten this young stud blows a thick, juicy mess of jizz all over himself. As he strokes the last bit of cum from his cock the shivers roll down his body from the sensations of his hyper-sensitive dick.
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