Cesar Xes

Added:  Aug 23, 2018
Cesar Xes had such a good time filming with Beau that he came back to give us a solo performance allowing him to get intimate one-on-one with the camera. After his interview Cesar stands by the side of the bed and ever so slowly pushes his jeans down exposing his thick, long, uncut cock. It’s rock-hard in moments and standing straight up just begging for Cesar to play with it. Cesar strips off his jeans and kneels up on the bed. Bending over he lubes his ass and begins finger-fucking himself while his other hand is busy jerking his hot cock. Rolling over on the bed, Cesar spreads his legs and gets back to playing with his dick. The pre-cum has already started and he takes a taste before spreading it around the head of his cock. Cesar jerks his cock until he can’t hold it anymore. With a deep moan, Cesar blows a thick load of jizz reaching up to his hair, covering his chest and stomach.
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