Damien Ryder

Added:  Sep 26, 2017
24-year-old gym rat Damien Ryder likes to work out and loves to train other beefy guys. Stripping out of his clothes after his interview we see why. There is not an ounce of fat anywhere on this young stud and his body is rock solid. His body is not the only thing that is rock solid; just take a look at that tool swinging between his legs. Damien grabs his cock, spits in his hand and starts massaging his dick as his shaft grows longer and stiffer. Lying back on the sofa Damien has one hand tweaking his nipples while the other strokes his cock. His legs open up ever so slightly as his jerking becomes more intense. It’s almost as if he’s got some imaginary stud fucking the shit out of him. Damien is close, his nuts are tight against his body and his strokes are solid and intense. He blows his load quite explosively with jizz flying all over his tummy and strings of yummy goodness dripping down the side of his cock and hand.
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