Elliott Holloman

Added:  Mar 20, 2018
Elliott Holloman lifts his shirt, tempting us with his ripped stomach, cute smile and riveting eyes. He slides the shirt over his head and reaches to unbuttons his jeans. As he pulls his jeans off we’re left with this cute, young man standing in front of us in his skivvies. Elliott starts rubbing his crotch and his cock responds accordingly; growing thicker and larger; but, still restricted to his underwear. He leans against the window sill and continues playing with his dick through his shorts. As he pulls the waistband of his underwear forward his rock-hard cock pops out the top, ready for action. Elliott moves back over to the bed, grabs his cock and gets down to the business of pleasuring his thick, uncut dick. He lifts and spreads his legs. His tight, furry hole just ripe for a tongue. Elliott continues to jerk his cock and as he gets close he kneels at the foot of the bed. With a deep moan Elliott’s cock erupts sending creamy, white jizz all over the bedframe and sheets.
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