Gabriel and Orson

Added:  Feb 08, 2019
Gabriel Phoenix and Orson Deane finish the interview with Gabriel crawling onto Orson's lap and the two shoving their tongues down each other's throats. Orson rolls Gabriel over on the sofa and between the groping and kissing, the clothes start coming off. Orson stands and rips off his shirt. His hairy chest is a big turn-on for Gabriel who is soon on his knees sucking the hell out of Orson's cock. It's not long before Gabriel is naked on the sofa with Orson expertly working Gabriel's dick with his mouth. Gabriel flips around on the sofa, bends over so that Orson can get to his ass. Orson pushes his dick in slowly at first; but Gabriel is soon loving every thrust of Orson's cock as it pushes deeper into his hole. Orson dishes out quite the ass-fucking; but he wants some of Gabriel's cock inside his own hole. He lies back on the sofa, pulls his legs back and Gabriel drives his thick, uncut cock right into Orson's hole. Orson starts jacking his rock-hard cock and as Gabriel continues to pound, Orson drains his dick of all the jizz he can muster. Gabriel pulls out and stands over Orson. He grabs his cock and starts jerking. Almost immediately Gabriel starts squirting, spraying a thick load of jizz all over Orson.
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