Hans and Ryan

Added:  Feb 01, 2019
Hans Berlin and Ryan Kroger hit it off from the start of the interview. The groping gets more intense as the interview continues. Hans can't keep his hands off of himself or Ryan. Hans' cock is already trying hard to poke out from underneath his underwear. All of a sudden, the talking goes silent and both our German studs shove their tongues down each other's throats while Ryan reaches over and frees Hans' thick, rock-hard cock. Ryan gets up on his knees and swallows the whole of Hans' long, uncut dick. Hans reaches back and puts his hand down Ryan's underwear and starts teasing his hole with his fingers. They both strip out of their underwear and Hans goes right for Ryan's cock. As he's giving Ryan a very intense blowjob, he slowly inserts his finger into Ryan's tight hole. Ryan's cock gets even harder. He rolls over and Hans buries his face deep into Ryan's ass. Hans gets Ryan's hole nice and wet. He kneels behind Ryan and slowly pushes his thick, uncut cock deep into Ryan's hole. Ryan is quickly into Hans' thick meat and Hans starts pounding harder and faster. In the end, Ryan is on the floor, legs in the air with Hans still pounding mercilessly at Ryan's ass. Ryan is jacking his cock faster and is soon spraying cum all over himself as Hans does not let up on the fucking. When Ryan is finished convulsing Hans pulls his cock out and no sooner does he start jacking it, but the jizz starts squirting, landing all the way up on Ryan's chest.
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