Hugo and Dennis

Added:  Aug 25, 2018
Hugo Diaz hits it off with Dennis Deep right from the very beginning. The two of them quickly end the interview and start shoving their tongues down each other’s throats. The clothes come off quickly and Deep is sucking down every last inch of Hugo’s thick, Spanish cock. Hugo begins playing with Deep’s ass while Deep is blowing his cock. Hugo licks his fingers, slowly inserts them and teases Deep’s hole. Deep rolls over on the bed and Hugo wastes no time shoving Deep’s cock in his mouth. Deep’s legs go higher in the air as Hugo slides down further and shoves his tongue as far into Deep’s hole as he possibly can. Deep’s ass is soon slick and wet. Hugo moves into position and slides his cock straight in. Deep moans as Hugo’s thick piece of meat fills his ass. Hugo gives Deep quite the pounding; but, soon feels the pressure building in his balls. He pulls out of Deep’s ass and covers Deep’s cock and stomach in a layer of his thick white cum. Deep follows right behind, exploding jizz all over himself as his body writhes in pleasure.
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