JP and Scott

Added:  Apr 05, 2019
Hunky Scott West hooks up with performer and producer JP DuBois in JP’s first appearance on Badpuppy. JP is usually behind the camera; but today he can’t say no to being in front of it with Scott. Things heat up quickly and these two are soon stripped out of their clothes with JP on his knees deepthroating Scott’s thick, uncut cock. Scott lies back on the sofa with his cock sticking straight up. He motions for JP to come over and go for a ride. JP obliges, climbs on top and slowly slides down onto Scott’s dick. JP begins gyrating as he rides, working Scott’s cock deep into his ass. JP gets up and kneels over the sofa. Scott does not miss a beat as he slides his cock back into JP’s ass and continues JP’s intense ass-pounding. JP climbs on board one last time. This time he grabs his thick, uncut dick and begins jacking it. Scott’s cock hits just that right spot inside JP and he can’t hold back any longer. There is so much intensity that JP sprays his thick load of cum all over the sofa and floor. JP kneels on the floor and Scott stands over him jerking his own cock. Scott aims it for JP’s mouth; but, some of Scott’s jizz winds up in JP’s hair. What doesn’t, gets licked up from around JP’s mouth.
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